Winning Ugly Is The NFC North’s Style

The Minnesota Vikings have won two straight games, yet fans are calling for head coach Brad Childress’ head moreso now than at any other point during his tenure. Chants of "Fire Childress" could be heard at the Metrodome on Sunday.

But it is worth pointing out that the Vikings are 3-3 and tied for first place. And while fans may not like the path taken to get there, they are there.

The Vikings have some obvious holes, but how many NFL teams don’t? Look at the NFC North. The starting quarterbacks in the NFC North are Gus Frerotte, Aaron Rodgers, Kyle Orton and Jon Kitna/Dan Orlovsky. Let’s face it. With that group, there’s going to be some ugly wins when the teams within the division hook up.

In the salary cap era, there just aren’t that many great teams in the NFL. The system has created parity, but it’s also breeded mediocrity.

How many great teams are there in the NFL right now? Do any teams qualify? Maybe the New York Giants. The Tennessee Titans are 5-0, but I’m not ready to call them a "great team."

Regardless of whether the Vikings should let Childress go, Vikings fans have to happy with where there team is at in the standings through six games.