Big college football weekend

Quick look at some of the more intriguing college football games Saturday:

  • In Fargo-Moorhead, of course, the interest was with the North Dakota State-South Dakota State game. Just when it seemed every other national game broke NDSU’s way, the Bison were unable to hold up their end of the bargain. It was a tough season for the Bison, victims of that early-season No. 1 ranking and the expectations that come with it.
  • The Gophers got absolutely crushed, and it hurt all the way to Fargo. 55-0 against Iowa! Yikes! It really seems like an appropriate way to close out the Metrodome. The Star Tribune a couple days ago ran a big package of stories and pullouts on the end of the Gophers’ time at the Metrodome, and it was pretty amazing to see the lack of memorable games in their memorable games pullout. Hopefully, a move to an open-air, off-campus stadium will revive this long-dormant program. Don’t forget, Tim Brewster. You still owe us that Rose Bowl!
  • Speaking of getting crushed, how ’bout those Sooners?!?! I picked Texas Tech in The Forum’s Football Fling, and it didn’t take long for me to regret it. The Big 12 has been a dominant conference this year. I really think it would be fun to see Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Texas all earning berths in an eight-team playoff. They all have one loss, so who’s to say who’s more deserving of a national championship berth? I guess the Big 12 title game will sort some of this out, though.
  • Finally, in a game that may have slipped under a lot of football fans’ radars, what a game between Cal Poly and Wisconsin. That’s right. Cal Poly, out of Division I-AA’s Great West Conference (formerly occupied by NDSU, currently occupied by UND), nearly pulled off the shocker. You hate to blame the kicker, but it was a tough day for Cal Poly’s Andrew Gardner. He missed three extra points, including one in OT and another that would have put the Mustangs up 9 in the fourth quarter instead of 8, a slim enough margin for the Badgers to close in one possession. In the immortal words once spoken of Jackie Smith, "Bless his heart, he’s got to be the sickest man in America." By the way, because of the final missed extra point, the Badgers won 36-35 in OT.
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