There’s Garnett and … well, Garnett was good

This link from’s Scoop Jackson comes courtesy of former Forum colleague Todd Deutsch. recently had readers vote on a Mount Rushmore of Sports for each state. Jackson responds in the top link with his Mount Rushmore for each NBA team.

As you go through the alphabetized list of NBA teams, you notice when you get to the Minnesota Timberwolves that only one man is mentioned. That man, of course, is the Big Ticket himself Kevin Garnett.

Here is Jackson’s rationale:

"Rationale: This will be a one-faced mountain. No one else deserves to share this space."

Jackson’s omission of other Wolves wouldn’t be quite so glaring except for the fact that even the relatively young Charlotte Bobcats franchise has four players on his list.

Who else would you include? Is anyone else worthy? Could the Wolves’ Mount Rushmore just be four KG faces young and old?

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