Flood Blends Surreal With The All-too-real

From sandbagging on the banks of the Red River to day-to-day tasks like driving to work, life in Fargo-Moorhead hasn’t been the same lately.

Hopefully, the sound of choppers flying over your head or the sight of military Humvees driving past aren’t things I’ll get used to.

Hearing and seeing those types of things is surreal. It’s like being in a movie – like Outbreak or Dreamcatcher – or something.

But when you’re in a "chain gang" of sandbaggers building a dike to try to save the south Moorhead house of someone who before that day was a complete stranger, you’re suddenly faced with an all-too-sobering reality.

This wasn’t – and isn’t – going to be easy. And while the Red River is slowly dropping, you can’t really use the past tense in the previous statement.

It ain’t over yet. It’s far from over.

I’m optimistic the worst is behind us, yet my heart aches for those who have lost their homes and for those who continue to battle lingering flood waters. Since I’m not a homeowner, I can’t even imagine what those feeling must be like.

Good luck to all who continue to battle.

I took some photos while I was taking care of some business at the Moorhead Center Mall this weekend. Here are a few if you are interested:

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  1. goethe

    I can’t believe how much water is out there. Its not unusual for the Center Mall to have flooding near the lot, but not like this.

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