The Wild Were In Need Of A Change

The Minnesota Wild have been in existence for eight seasons now. But despite bringing legitimacy back to Minnesota’s claim as the "State of Hockey," the Wild have done little else.

Jacques Lemaire announced after Saturday’s regular-season finale that he was done coaching the Wild. My first thought after the announcement was how disappointing the Lemaire Era had been and how it was time for a change. And maybe he knew that.

Now, I’m not pinning all of the blame on Lemaire. While coaches typically take the fall when things go awry, more often than not the organization itself is to blame.

But in eight years and with sellout crowds to boost its revenue, the Wild have managed just three postseason berths playing in a league that allows more than half of its teams to make the playoffs every year. Of the three playoff berths, there are two first-round exits and that one shocking run to the conference finals in 2002-03.

I felt before the season ended last weekend that there were going to be big changes to the Wild this offseason. Does GM Doug Risebrough take the fall? We’ll find out soon enough.

But for a team with lots of interest and resources that plays in a league having such financial trouble, the Wild at the very least should be a playoff team more often than not.

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  1. CP

    Finally, someone agrees with me! I just want to see what happens with these offensive players once we get a new system. These players have offensive talent but it was defense first, second and third. Offense only happened when there was a guaranteed odd man rush and even then the players were told to not be that agressive. Look for big things to come from Shep, Pierre MB, Burnsy and Koivu next year. It should be fun to watch!

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