Was This The End Of The McHale Era?

The Minnesota professional sports circuit might be losing another coach.

Just days after Jacques Lemaire announced he was leaving his position as Minnesota Wild head coach, there is already speculation that Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Kevin McHale may be done after the team lost its regular-season finale Wednesday to the Sacramento Kings.

And McHale didn’t do a whole lot to quiet those rumors.

"If I don’t come back, I’ll miss the guys," McHale told the Associated Press after the game. "They really are a great group of guys. They fight hard and they’re resilient."

But it might not even be up to McHale whether or not he returns next season to the organization he’s worked for in some capacity since 1994.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Sid Hartman writes that it will be up to McHale’s yet-to-be-hired boss whether or not McHale will even be allowed to return next season.

"… If I’m going to have a person in charge of basketball operations, I want that person to be comfortable with who is going to coach here," Wolves owner Glen Taylor said.

Taylor mentioned general manager Jim Stack and assistant general manager Fred Hoiberg would be among the candidates for the open executive position.

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  1. Over it

    I didn’t even read your story and I’m going to respond to the headline. … No. It is not. Because the Timerwolves’ organization is full of retards. Retards who couldn’t judge basketball talent or basketball coaching talent if they tried. This is an organization whose best coach of all-time is Flip Saunders. Let me repeat that in all caps to prove my point. FLIP SAUNDERS. I’m done with you Minnesota Timberwolves. You can have Al Jefferson and you can have Kevin McHale. I’m going to go watch high school girls basketball, at least then I’ll get a little enjoyment out of the deal.

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