Are The Celtics In Trouble?

Note: This blog has been updated to protect me from further embarrassment.

I’ll admit I haven’t watched much NBA this year, but that was a great game Saturday between the No. 7-seeded Chicago Bulls and the No. 2-seeded Boston Celtics to open up their first-round playoff series.

At the end of regulation, with the fouls and what-not, it seemed neither team wanted to win. But all I ask for is a tight ball game, and that’s just what the two teams produced.

But I pose this question: After losing Game 1, are the Boston Celtics in trouble of losing to the No. 7 seed?

Kevin Garnett is not expected to play during this playoff series or any other series the Celtics advance to. And Ray Allen aside, the Celtics really aren’t that much different than those Celtics teams that often failed to make the playoffs. Allen is a great player, but isn’t part of what makes Allen great dependent on Garnett’s ability to draw double teams?

Allen struggled from the floor Saturday, so maybe it was just a tough game for him.

What does everyone else think? I’m sure many of you have watched more NBA than I have this year. Do you think the defending NBA champ Celtics are in trouble, or was the Bulls’ victory simply a wake-up call?

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  1. J

    #1 seed Boston Celtics? You are right, you haven’t watched any NBA this year. This is a 3 vs. 6 series. Cleveland is #1 in the East and Orlando is #2

  2. goethe

    Thanks J, my bad. Evidently, I came across the 2008 NBA playoff pairings when I was trolling the Web for them.

    That’s what happens when I wake up before 10 a.m. on any given day. I guess 8:30 came a little too early this morning.

  3. Reraise

    KG is going to do a Kirk Gibson and come in with 0.1 seconds left on a bad leg and make some free throws to win the series.

  4. M

    You need to look just a little bit harder. The Celtics are the #2 seed out east. Bulls are the #7 seed.

    #1 Cavs 66 wins. #2 Celtics 62 wins. #3 Magic 59 wins

  5. Goethe

    This confusion over the seeding maybe proves “What?”‘s point. Evidently, nobody does care about the NBA.

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