Vikings At The Mercy Of Percy

The Minnesota Vikings have taken a break from keeping a clean clubhouse by drafting dynamic wide receiver Percy Harvin from the University of Florida in the first round of Saturday’s NFL draft.

The good:

  • Harvin ran a 4.4-second 40-yard dash at the NFL combine.
  • Having played for the Gators, he should know how to handle the pressure of the NFL’s big stage.
  • Wide receiver is a position of need for the Vikings.

 The bad:

  • This guy had some problems during his college days, including testing positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine. He will now start his pro career already enrolled in the league’s substance abuse program.
  • Offensive line was also a position of need.

The Vikings did manage to get 6-foot-8, 338-pound Phil Loadholt (a last name like that HAS to belong to an offensive lineman). I was pretty surprised to see the Vikes take Harvin when Michael Oher from Mississippi was still on the board.

However, Harvin is an explosive player. One of the ESPN pundits on draft day compared him to Reggie Bush. I’m sure Vikings fans wouldn’t mind that.

As far as Harvin’s off-the-field problems, I think head coach Brad Childress has put his "clean up the clubhouse" mission on hold in favor of saving his job. NFL teams don’t keep coaches around for more than three seasons unless that coach has had a big breakthrough season. Childress, now entering his fourth season, must be hearing footsteps after going 24-24 as a head coach.

What does everyone think of the draft pick? Many of you keep closer tabs on the Vikings than I do.

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  1. D'wayne Bates

    Don’t you mean “clean up the locker room”? I didn’t think they had clubhouses in the NFL.

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