Longtime Member Of Dragons Family Walks Away

Strolling through Alex Nemzek Hall isn’t going to be the same.

Larry Scott, who spent 40 years as the sports information director at Minnesota State Moorhead, will retire at the end of June. If memory serves me, he is at least in the top five longest-tenured SIDs in the country, though don’t quote me on that one (Hey, this is a blog! You don’t have to fact-check.)

Scotty, as many of us call him, is synonymous with Dragons athletics. Heck, he’s the only full-time SID in MSUM’s history.

I first met Scotty about seven or eight years ago. I was a junior at MSUM in major need of sports writing experience. My college advisor referred me to Scotty, who always welcomed intern help.

I’ve often said the two years I spent working in Scotty’s office was the most valuable experience of my college life. Without question, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. At that point, I needed guidance and I needed a strong editor, but I also needed confidence in my writing and interviewing skills.

That internship provided all of those things. And to this day I’m very grateful for it.

So best of luck to Scotty and his future endeavors. He’s not going completely away from Dragons athletics, but Alex Nemzek Hall won’t be the same without him.

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  1. pt

    Maybe if Gov. Pawlenty cared more about his constituents and less about running for President, the school could afford to keep quality staff like Mr. Scott around. The state is broke and needs to find other revenue (yes, raise taxes)to help these universities run properly.

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