Umpires Have Not Forgotten Tom Kelly

I caught a little bit of a "Studio 42 with Bob Costas" episode on MLB Network last week. Costas was interviewing three experienced umpires – Steve Palermo, Don Denkinger and someone else I can’t think of – on their jobs and other topics.

He asked the three umpires a question to the effect of, "What manager came out of the dugout that you really had to listen to?" Basically, who came out of the dugout that, you knew, when he came out of the dugout, he had a legitimate gripe.

All three of the umpires – almost in sync with each other – said Tom Kelly. They said Kelly rarely ever came out of the dugout, so you knew if he did, it was worth listening to.

Kelly definitely hasn’t been forgotten. For someone who managed the Twins for over 15 years, he rarely got thrown out of games. In that regard, Kelly and current manager Ron Gardenhire couldn’t be more different.