Familiar Face Getting A Chance In Pittsburgh

If you’re a Minnesota Twins fan and don’t recognize the name "Garrett Jones," it’s understandable. He is your classic "Quad-A" player that never seems to get things to click at the big league level – whether it’s due to performance or lack of opportunity – despite putting up very good minor league numbers.

Jones played in 31 games for the Twins in 2007, hitting .208 with two homers.

But at 28 years old, Jones is getting another shot in the majors, this time with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates traded outfielders Nyjer Morgan and Eric Hinske in separate deals earlier this week, and Jones went from playing at Triple-A Indianapolis to starting in left field for Pittsburgh and batting third.

Jones went 0-for-4 in his first game back in the big leagues, but he shined in his second game on Thursday. He doubled, tripled and homered in the Pirates’ extra-inning loss to the New York Mets.

To put that in some perspective, Jones’ three extra-base hits Thursday are only four fewer than Twins outfielder Delmon Young has posted this entire season!

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was often criticized by some Twin Cities pundits for his gushing over Jones while he was in the Twins organization. The Twins were at risk of losing Jones because he was out of options.

Jones may have finally found his place in the big leagues, or maybe he’s just another hitless wonder that Gardy always seems to love. Whatever the case may be, Jones is making the most of his opportunity in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Josh Nelson

    Hey man, You might remember me from your Knox Elementary days. as well as some good old Babe Ruth baseball in which we were teammates one season. anyways I just stumbled on to your blog via the online Forum. Keep up the good work man. I have book marked your page and look forward to upcoming articles. Nice to see a fellow “Prowler” doing well for themselves Hayden. Job well done!

  2. goethe

    Hey, nice to hear from you. I still remember going over to your house when we were kids and trading a baseball card for Kirby Puckett’s 1986 Topps card.

    Hope everything is well. Maybe I’ll see you at the reunion.

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