Perfect game ruined by an error. Yuck!

First, I was rooting for Jonathan Sanchez to toss a perfect game. Then, I was rooting for him to walk a guy.

Sanchez – a San Francisco Giants starting pitcher – took a perfect game into the eighth inning against the offensively inept San Diego Padres on Friday, just one night after Tim Lincecum took a no-hitter into the seventh inning against the Padres.

An error by Giants third baseman Juan Uribe broke up the perfect game with two outs in the eighth.

Something stinks about a guy losing his perfect game to an error. That was a play that should have been made. I was really hoping he’d walk a guy just so the game’s only blemish was an error, but Sanchez set down the Padres for the final four outs for a no-hitter.

Quite a night in San Francisco. But losing a perfect game to an error just feels wrong.

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