Rubio saga gains steam, even when nothing is said

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been getting quite a bit of attention from national media outlets, and not necessarily for anything good.

Reports out of the Twin Cities had Ricky Rubio meeting with Wolves officials last weekend, yet neither side refuses to acknowledge it, and no one is quite sure whether or not there actually was a meeting. At least as far as I can tell.

It’s looking more and more like Rubio is never going to play for the Wolves. He will either return to Spain and remain overseas or, in a more likely scenario, be traded to the NBA team of his choice.

It’s a shame. I think it’s a shame that a guy like Rubio – who is 18 and has no NBA experience – can have this type of leverage. A kid his age should just be glad to have the opportunity to play in the NBA. It’s a naive stance on my part, but still. It reminds me of Steve Francis when he was drafted by Vancouver a decade ago. I wasn’t happy about it then, and I’m not happy about it now. Play out the three years of your rookie contract and move on if you don’t like it.

It’s also a shame from the Wolves standpoint. If he’s really that unhappy playing in Minnesota, how did the Wolves not know about it? Or did they know about it and just figured they would take him anyway after being unable to work out a pre-draft trade? I don’t know. It all seems very peculiar, though I assume the latter is true. It’s the only explanation for taking back-to-back point guards at 5 and 6 (though the fact that the draft had NOTHING but point guards could be another reason).

Rubio is among the many athletes nowadays using Twitter to keep fans in touch with their lives. But – no big surprise – Rubio hasn’t updated his status since the day of the draft, when he wrote:

"Ser el #5 del draft es increíble. ¡Estoy muy contento! Be the 5th pick in the NBA draft is incredible. ¡I’m very happy!"

He’s had little trouble containing his excitement while avoiding the public eye during the last five days.

I hope the Wolves can work things out with Rubio. He might be a bust. Who knows? But man, that guy’s highlight reel was something. At the very least, maybe he could put some meat in the seats at the Target Center this season.

Rubio has reportedly filed a lawsuit against his team in Spain, hoping to help diminish some of his buyout. This is a positive sign, yet it’s hard to ignore the fact that Rubio has yet to make any sort of a public appearance with the Wolves since the draft.