Sage Surges In Race For Vikings’ Starting QB Job

I will admit – before you read any further – that I didn’t watch a second of the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason game on Friday against the Indianapolis Colts. What you are about to read is simply an analysis based on what I’ve read and the box score. So, I apologize.

Sage Rosenfels was 10-for-13 for 91 yards, helping the Vikings score on their opening possession.

Tarvaris Jackson was 7-for-15 for 39 yards.

It would appear that Rosenfels has the edge, but there’s still three preseason games to play. Rosenfels has spent his entire career battling for a starting spot. This could be his best opportunity. But you have to wonder, at this point in his career, how he hasn’t won a job before.

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  1. Wade Haviland

    Hayden, I agree. Your take is to the point and right on. Sage is not a starting QB in the NFL, he is a solid back-up. TJ is a far cry from a QB, but would be a great wildcat formation guy should MN not have selected Harvin. As a huge Vikings fan, I really hope that Sage will provide more conservative, mistake free games than turnover tragedies (See Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco for positive examples). We can make a run in the playoffs only if Defense and AP are allowed to make it happen!

  2. goethe

    Haviland, it’s great to see you found the blog. What’s new with you? You should have been at the reunion.

  3. Wade Haviland

    Nothing new with me. Still a huge Minnesota sports fan living in San Diego (Pacific Beach) enjoying the sun. I wish I would have found your blog sooner, my Mom sent the link over to me and I love it.

    I was upset that I could not attend the reunion. I started a new job in June and my travel schedule was locked in. I did appreciate the video that Darin made quickly saying hello to everyone.


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