Addition Of Favre Shouldn’t Change Expectations Drastically

I was out sick yesterday, so I guess you could say this post is a day late in addition to the usual feeling of being a dollar short.

The Minnesota Vikings put an end to months of speculation Tuesday by signing veteran quarterback Brett Favre to a two-year contract.

I’ve heard it all in the last 24 hours. I’ve heard people on TV say the addition of Favre makes the Vikings the team to beat in the NFC. I’ve had friends try to convince me Favre is now the best QB in the NFC North. But wait, there’s more boastful Favre statements.

  • When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Brett Favre.
  • Brett Favre is suing NBC for their show Law & Order claiming it is the trademarked names of his left and right legs.
  • There is no chin behind Brett Favre‘s beard. There is only another fist.
  • Brett Favre doesn’t sleep. He waits.

OK, enough with the Chuck Norris jokes.

I think expectations should already be pretty high for the Vikings. They have a phenomenal running game and a great defense. Many teams – like the Chicago Bears a couple years ago – have gone to the Super Bowl on that alone, with a little help from Devin Hester.

It’s convenient to those Favre-backers to look at his 2007 season with Green Bay and say that would make a difference.

Yes, Sage Rosenfels and/or Tarvaris Jackson could not put up numbers like Favre did in 2007. But look at the two years prior to that, or last season for that matter.

Favre’s QB ratings for the last four years: 70.9, 72.7, 95.7, 81.0.

In fact, the most telling stat from yesterday’s coverage was ESPN comparing Favre’s 2008 season the Vikings QBs’ seasons in 2008. Pretty much identical.

And if Favre already has a tear in his rotator cuff, whose to say he’ll make it a full season. I realize he’s started 269 straight games, but he is turning 40 in four months. He might play the full season, but it might be in the same manner that he did with the New York Jets last season.

I think Vikings fans have plenty to be excited about for 2009. But I’m not convinced that the addition of Favre really makes that much of a difference.

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  1. 00Steve

    I was hating on the idea of Favre in Purple but I warmed to it yesterday when I realized the following points:
    Thru 11 games he led the NFL in Passing Yds in 2008
    Jets 34 – Titans 14 in Nashville
    In the last 5 games, Favre never had less than 30 attempts in a game (something Chilly would be stupid to do on a regular basis)

    And the final reason, WHEN the Vikings make the playoffs, and need a big drive/throw, would you rather have TJack, Sage or #4 making behind center?

  2. J

    I agree with 00Steve. And another point about Favre that most people don’t mention is the fact that whether he is a huge talent upgrade over Sage/Tavaris (I think he is definitely an upgrade, but not a huge upgrade) is irrelevant. What matters is that opposing defenses have a lot respect for Favre and the deep ball. In other words, opposing defenses do believe that Favre is a big upgrade and will gameplan accordingly. This will open up the whole offense. I don’t think Sage or Tavaris strikes fear in the hearts of opposing DCs like Favre. This is like David Ortiz/Josh Hamilton/Travis Hafner or any other big power hitter having a down year. Teams still pitch them like they are the superstar players they use to be, and not based on their lousy seasons this year.

  3. RyanSkalsky

    yeah his QB ratings compared to the vikings QB ratings in 2008 were almost identical. I wonder what Tarvars QB rating would of been like if he had played for the JETS in 2008 and not on a team that has one of the best running games/ defenses in the league like the team favre will be playing on this year.

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