Different Takes On Harden

Reports vary on what kind of chance the Minnesota Twins have of trading for Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Rich Harden.

As was reported earlier in the week, the Cubs placed Harden on waivers and the Twins claimed him. What this all boils down to is the Twins have until Monday afternoon to orchestrate a trade for Harden, since a player of his caliber isn’t going to just be given away.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a story saying the two sides have not even discussed any sort of parameters of a deal.

However, FoxSports.com has a story saying the two sides have discussed players already. While the story says a trade isn’t imminent, there had at least been talks.

Some good points have made regarding a possible deal. It’s worth noting the Twins could have claimed him simply to keep Detroit or the Chicago White Sox from getting him. That’s very possible.

But also, if you’re the Chicago Cubs, you could trade Harden to the Twins, get a couple of minor leaguers and sign him in the offseason when he becomes a free agent. Or if you’re the Cubs and you don’t plan to offer him arbitration, you might as well trade him since he must be offered arbitration to collect both first-round draft picks you would get for Harden, who is expected to be a Type A free agent.

The next 36 hours could be interesting. Not much has been said regarding details of a trade. I was asked by a colleague earlier tonight what kind of chance I’d give of the Twins trading for Harden. I’m putting it at 20 percent. Pretty unlikely, but crazier things have happened.


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The Target Field sod is down, and for the first time I’ll say the place looks like a ballpark.

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    I heard the Twins will be taking BP at the new field in a week or 2. it will be interesting to see how the ball fly’s there.

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