And Now You’re Going To Burn THAT Bridge

From the Seinfeld episode "The Bizarro Jerry":

GEORGE COSTANZA: [delighted] Jerry? It was incredible! Models! As far as the eye could see!

JERRY SEINFELD: Then it does exist.

GEORGE: Yes. The legends are true.

JERRY: So when are you goin’ out with this girl again?

GEORGE: I’m not! I’m inside the walls!

JERRY: So you’re gonna burn that bridge.

GEORGE: Flame on!

For a guy who keeps finding work despite a 5.63 ERA this season, Luis Ayala doesn’t come across as a guy who’s real grateful for the opportunities.

Ayala was designated for assignment by the Florida Marlins, marking the second time this season the right-handed reliever has been let go by a big league organization. The Minnesota Twins parted ways with him in June, and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said Ayala asked to be traded at the time, despite his poor numbers.

"He wanted an eighth-inning role. That’s why he signed over here," Gardenhire said. "But he wasn’t pitching well enough to be an eighth-inning guy. So there you have it. His thoughts were that if we gave him the ball in that eighth inning, he would be able to do the job more. My thoughts are, if you are not getting them out, you are not going to pitch in the eighth inning. We are trying to win."

After being let go by the Marlins on Tuesday, Ayala accused Florida of poor roster management and said he felt disrespected. Ayala had been in the minors prior to getting called up in the last few days. He pitched 10 games at the major league level for the Fish.

“It was terrible what they did,” Ayala said. “I don’t know why they called me up if they were going to do this. I think it’s a lack of respect. I know it’s a business, but for me, it’s something they’ve handled poorly.”

I had a tough time holding back laughter after his latest comments. I’m not going to pretend like I know what went down, but when you put up an ERA of over 11.00 for a team in 10 big league appearances, it’s probably not going to end well.

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