I Reluctantly Post This

I said in a recent post that I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in this Ricky Rubio stuff. But from the looks of an ESPN story, it’s a done deal.

Unless, of course, Rubio has out-Favre’d Favre.

According to the ESPN report, with information from a Minnesota Timberwolves release, the Spanish point guard the Wolves drafted with one of their lottery picks this offseason is not coming to the NBA until at least 2011.

Rubio will play in Spain for the next couple of years.

As I read this story, I kept thinking of Brett Favre and how, about a month prior to him announcing his comeback, there was the announcement where he said he wasn’t returning to the NFL. I guess Minnesotans are now just conditioned to feel that way after the Favre roller coaster.

I can’t help but be skeptical of this Rubio announcement, yet when both the team’s president and Rubio himself are quoted in a statement, it sure seems like a done deal.

What does this mean for the Wolves? Well, with or without Rubio, they aren’t expected to be a playoff team. Wolves president David Kahn knows it, and has said as much. You don’t get that too often from an executive.

Whether or not Kahn is a good executive remains to be seen, but in a world full of sports cliches, it is kind of refreshing to hear him speak with such candor when he says the Wolves are the one team that can afford to wait for Rubio.

At the very least, Rubio would have generated some excitement had he played for the Wolves this year. And in many ways, he already has. The fact that fans in the Upper Midwest are even talking about the Timberwolves during the summer months is good for the Wolves, even if the very player we were all talking about isn’t going to be here.