That One Hurt A Li’l Bit

I’m all for giving Joe Nathan the benefit of the doubt, but yeesh! That was nasty!

The Minnesota Twins closer gave up back-to-back homers to the Chicago White Sox in the top of the ninth inning before walking two more hitters as the White Sox rallied to beat the Twins 4-2 on Wednesday afternoon.

Detroit defeated Cleveland on Wednesday night, pushing the Tigers’ lead in the AL Central to 4.5 games.

Nathan just has not looked the same since that 50-pitch outing he had against Kansas City in August. He’s walked just 17 guys in 55 appearances this season, but six of those have come in the six games since the Royals outing on Aug. 21.

There’s not much the Twins can do but hope he turns it around. He’s arguably one of the best closers in baseball. Every reliever goes through rough stretches (i.e. Matt Guerrier in the final couple of months last year), but fans just got to hope he works through it before the Tigers’ magic number expires.


Minnesota Vikings quarterback and ESPN darling Brett Favre will not play in the team’s final preseason tune-up, a Friday night matchup against "America’s Team," the Dallas Cowboys.

If only Tony Romo were still going out with Jessica Simpson, it would make this the ultimate matchup, pitting two quarterbacks you just can’t hear enough about.

Speaking of which, I just thought about something I heard on the radio Monday. Reportedly, Simpson has put a hex on Romo via an online witch. Here’s the link. I swear I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight. Really.


Warning: Shameless Twitter plug.

While checking out Twitter today – which I’m not very active on, but enjoy seeing what Chad OchoCinco has to say – I saw that Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski had included a link to a video made by the Kansas City Chiefs copying "The Office."

It’s kind of funny, and only a couple minutes long. I’ll post it below.

By the way, can’t wait for the new season of "The Office," which starts Sept. 17. Also, after being away for two years, a new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" starring Seinfeld creator Larry David starts Sept. 20 on HBO.

If you haven’t heard, a number of members from the cast of Seinfeld are participating in "Curb" this season. I can’t wait. This might be enough to push me over the edge and get HBO for a couple of months rather than wait for the season to come out on DVD.

Blitzcorner | Kansas City Chiefs Office Parody Video

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