Can The Vikings Possibly Get A New Stadium?

We had a good story via the Associated Press in our Sunday section on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings stadium situation.

The Vikings have ranked dead last or close to it in recent years in generated revenue among NFL teams. And Jones doesn’t think that’s acceptable for a market of this size.

“Right now we are subsidizing this market,” said Jones, one of the most influential owners in the league. “It’s unthinkable to think that you’ve got the market you’ve got here, with 3.5 million people, and have teams like Kansas City and Green Bay subsidizing this market. That will stop. That’s going to stop. That’s called revenue sharing. That’s on its way out.”

At some point the NFL and Vikings ownership is going to want to rectify the situation. But how does a team go about doing that in an economic climate like the one we currently live in?

And with the Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota football team both getting the finishing touches put on new stadiums, I don’t think politicians and taxpayers in the state are going to be real enthusiastic about publicly financing another new facility for a pro sports team to play in.

So now what? The Vikings and Twins are easily the two biggest sports franchises in Minnesota. The state could ill afford to lose the Vikings to a market in need of pro football, such as Los Angeles.

The Vikings lease with the Metrodome runs through 2011. After that, one Vikings official went as far as to say the team will become a "free agent."

What does everyone think will happen? I’m interested to get feedback.

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  1. J

    The Vikings always point to being last in the NFL in revenue. That’s like being ranked 400th on the Forbes 400 richest people list. They’re still making loads of money. And now that the Twins and Gophers are gone, the Vikes control all the signage, sponsorship, and suites in the stadium. All of that should increase revenue for the season. It’s true that the Dome is not one of the nicest stadiums in the NFL, but I think it can last them a few more years. My prediction is that the Vikings and the legislators will make an 11th hour deal right before the lease ends to keep the Vikes in Minnesota

  2. A.G.

    One could almost argue that the Vikings signed Favre as a marketing ploy to win the Super Bowl and force the state to do something.

    Let’s not forget the team virtually had a deal signed with Anoka County (Blaine area) to build a big suburban stadium, retail and other developments. The Vikings scratched the plan just before it was about to go to a county vote (which it would have passed) because they want to stay in Minneapolis.

    I’m a Vikings fan, but I’m old enough now to see both sides of the argument. With the state’s deficit and cities and school districts feeling the crunch I don’t know how shelling out $$$ to an NFL team makes sense.

    I’d love to be proven wrong.

    What the Vikings should do is get an exemption from the state to work with the lottery and create a Vikings scratch-off game. Money raised could going towards a new stadium. Then fans could flock to gas stations to “support” the team and the rest of us wouldn’t have to pay for it.

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