Vikings To Test Packers’ Offensive Line

Hardcore football fans will have to dig deep this week to find storylines on Monday’s matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers that don’t involve Brett Favre.

It’s been well-publicized already that this is Favre’s first game against his former Green Bay Packers teammates. That talk is wearing me out already.

I’m going to try to steer clear of that stuff here – well, at least until Monday anyway – and stick to something that might actually matter. There is a game being played.

The biggest test the Packers face will be trying to block Minnesota’s defensive line. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers – a popular choice for MVP before the season started – has been sacked an astounding 12 times this season. To put that in some perspective, no NFL team has registered more than 10 sacks so far this season.

The Vikings have recorded eight sacks so far this season, putting them among the league leaders. And it’s well-known how good their defensive tackles are against the run.

Can the Packers offensive line protect Rodgers long enough to allow him to be productive? We’ll find out Monday.

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