Big Days Ahead At The Teflon Palace

While the Minnesota Vikings will continue to call the Metrodome home, the Minnesota Twins are closing out their tenure with the facility in style.

The Twins defeated the Kansas City Royals 13-4 on Sunday, and with Detroit having defeated the Chicago White Sox earlier in the day, Minnesota remained tied for the lead in the AL Central at 86-76 on the final day of the regular season.

The Twins and Tigers will play a one-game playoff Tuesday to determine which team will gain a postseason berth and face the New York Yankees in the AL Division Series.

It’s an exciting time for the Twin Cities area. The national sports spotlight will definitely be on the Metrodome for the next two days.

In a way, these next two days are a microcosm of the Metrodome’s history – logistical problems intertwined with historic sporting events.

The one-game baseball playoff would normally be played on Monday, but the Vikings have a big game of their own against the Green Bay Packers, highlighting one of the problems with the Metrodome.

As my colleague Dan Haglund pointed out tonight, "Where are the Twins going to work out tomorrow?" Good question. They might have to christen Target Field a little early.

But despite issues like that, the Metrodome has played host to a lot of big moments. It’s hosted the Super Bowl and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. And it’s hosted two World Series, one that saw Minnesota win its first major sports championship, and another which is often considered the greatest World Series ever played.

The Metrodome could play host to two more monumental moments in the next two days. I’m happy to say I’ll be going to the one-game playoff, but I’ll have to settle for my couch for the Vikings-Packers game. And that’s not a bad consolation prize either.