McHale lands on his feet in Millenesque fashion

I saw a story on the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Web site tonight that Kevin McHale has got a job working for NBA TV, which partners with TNT.

McHale will work Tuesday nights for NBA TV and do occassional spots on TNT. McHale was actually offered jobs by both ESPN and TNT.

It’s kind of surprising to me that both Matt Millen and McHale managed to find work so fast, after both of them pretty much destroyed the franchises they once worked as top executives of.

Millen, who was let go by the NFL’s Detroit Lions, now works for ESPN. McHale, fired by the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves this spring, has landed on his feet, too.

Millen and McHale are probably the two most-criticized general managers of this decade.

2 thoughts on “McHale lands on his feet in Millenesque fashion

  1. McHale is a great interview and will be a good announcer or opinion giver in the studio. I do think he could be a pretty decent coach if he ever wants to do that again.

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