“Aussie Shaq” or the “Blunder from Down Under?”

Kevin McHale may be gone, but his constant search for a "needle in a haystack" NBA center remains.

The Minnesota Timberwolves acquired 6-foot-10, 285-pound man-child Nathan Jawai in a trade from the Dallas Mavericks yesterday. The trade was considered too good to pass up, as all the Wolves had to give up was a very conditional second-round pick.

This trade doesn’t amount to much really. However, while searching for information on Jawai, I of course went to his Wikipedia page (never a good idea for journalistic practices, but useful for this blog’s purposes). Here’s a link.

It says on it that he’s been nicknamed "Baby Shaq" or "Aussie Shaq" because he bears a resemblance to the Cleveland Cavaliers all-word 7-footer.

I love it when players are called "Baby Shaq" or "Baby Jordan." It’s the kiss of death, really.

It also reminds me of when the Timberwolves had a forward named Charles Shackleford back when I was a kid. He had a game where he scored like 20 points – a ton by Shackleford standards – and then-Wolves broadcaster Kevin Harlan tossed out every Shaq name he could think of every time Shackleford scored.

"Oh, what a move by the Shack Diesel!"


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