Despite The Loss, Vikings Have To Be Feeling Pretty Good

It’s been suggested by one Star Tribune columnist that the Minnesota Vikings looked better in defeat on Sunday than they did in victory.

I won’t go that far – the Vikes looked pretty tough in beating the Green Bay Packers earlier this season – but I see where he’s coming from.

My reasoning for the Vikings feeling good is that they are clearly the class of the NFC North. I’ve mentioned before that I grew up as a Chicago Bears fan, for reasons I’m not going to divulge again on this blog.

Those Bears got beat pretty good on Sunday if you hadn’t heard, losing to the Cincinnati Bengals by a healthy margin (it’s too painful to revisit it, so I’m not going to look it up again).

The Lions are the Lions, and I still don’t have a lot of faith in the Packers offensive line being good enough to not only open holes for Ryan Grant, but also being good enough to keep Aaron Rodgers happy and healthy.

The Bears and Vikings have yet to do battle this season, so a lot can change between now and their first meeting. However, the Bears had better find some consistency – and some semblance of a running game – if they hope to overcome the Vikings and take the NFC North title.

Right now, I just don’t see that happening. It’s not to say the Bears couldn’t get a wild card, but a division title seems completely out of reach right now.


I went to a fast food restaurant tonight – the name I won’t reveal – and the establishment had a special on cheeseburgers. I ordered a cheeseburger w/no cheese – I’m not a cheese guy – and was told I couldn’t do that. Very strange. I’m troubled by it.

I’m not trying to be the architect of any widespread change in the way fast-food restaurants are conducted. I just don’t see how ordering an item with less on it than normal isn’t allowed.

I guess that was my Larry David moment of the night. Felt I should get it off my chest.

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