Griffey Opts For Another Season In Seattle

This blog might as well serve as the unofficial home of the Ken Griffey Jr. Fan Club, so I’m very excited to see that Griffey is returning for one more season of Major League Baseball.

Griffey, who turns 40 later this month, has agreed to a one-year, $2 million deal with Seattle Mariners. There are plenty of incentives that Griffey can reach in the 2010 season.

I went to the Minnesota Twins’ Opening Day for the first time in my life this season, and getting a chance to see Griffey hit his first homer back in a Mariners uniform ranks among the coolest sporting moments I’ve ever seen live.

I imagine Griffey’s role with the Mariners will be scaled back some, but team officials said they like his clubhouse presence. And while his legs might not move as fast as they used to, and his swing might be a split-second slower, he’s still the guy credited with saving the Mariners from moving elsewhere. Safeco Field is the, "House that Griffey Built," so why not keep him around?


Everyone’s favorite little point guard is back in the NBA.

The Washington Wizards have signed 5-foot-5 point guard Earl Boykins after a rash of injuries has put the team in need of a floor general.

Boykins hasn’t played in the NBA for a couple seasons, so it will be interesting to see how he does.


I think until the year runs out, I’m going to produce a regular feature on this blog looking back at the past decade. The "aughts" or "zeroes" or whatever you want to call this decade are winding down, and there’s plenty to reflect on as a sports fan in this area.

If you have any ideas on Top 10 lists, feel free to post comments, and I’ll go from there. I think for Friday I’ll produce a list of the Top 10 biggest trades in Minnesota pro sports from this decade. I’m also thinking of a Top 10 best teams and a Top 10 worst teams.

I plan to trot this stuff out every Friday, so stay tuned. I’m already working on my list of the 10 biggest trades.

Ken Griffey Jr. takes batting practice on Opening Day in April at the Metrodome.

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