Timberwolves Looking Historically Inept

The New Jersey Nets’ 0-15 start might be distracting the attention of NBA fans across the country, but fans in this area are well aware of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 1-14 start.

The perception of this year’s Wolves team has changed a lot since that season-opening, buzzer-beating victory against – who else? – New Jersey nearly a month ago. Since then, the Wolves have lost 14 consecutive games, making their 1-14 start the worst in franchise history through 15 games.

Is this the worst Wolves team in history? Could this be the worst team in NBA history?

I doubt the Wolves will break the NBA record for fewest victories, which is nine. And I don’t think this is the worst Wolves team either.

They’re still missing one of their best players in Kevin Love, who should be back on the court in a few weeks. And while their defense is absolutely deplorable at times, I can’t imagine this team at the end of the year is going to finish with a worse record than some of those teams in the early 1990s (the pre-Kevin Garnett era).

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  1. Gerald Glass

    I’m curious to know what you think the worst Wolves team of all time would be.

    The ’91 squad has the worst record in team history with only 15 wins, and that team might have more talent than this year’s version.

    Al Jefferson could be the 2009 version of Tony Campbell, his career point totals have shot up as the talent around him has decayed. What a coincidence.

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