College Football Has A Ways To Go In Terms Of Racial Progress

Kansas hiring Turner Gill as its head coach Saturday was a welcome sign for Gill, who has long been rumored for major coaching jobs since he turned around perennial doormat Buffalo.

But one stat shows there’s still much work to be done in college football.

Gill is one of only 13 minority head coaches in the 120-school Football Bowl Subdivision, according to USA Today. That number – 13 – is a record for major college football.

Progress has clearly been made recently. However, as the USA Today story states, when two-thirds of all college football players are minorities, you wonder how there aren’t more head coaches.

I mean, it’s not like college football just got integrated in the past few years. We’re talking decades ago. Seems to me by now there would be much more progress.

This isn’t meant to be any sort of a social commentary regarding affirmative action or anything. I just find "13" to be a stunningly low number. Maybe others disagree.

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  1. justin s

    the thing i would say is that to be a head coach at that level you need to 1. apply for the job, qualified enough, 3. be the best to apply for the job. Race should have no factor in the hiring process.

    1. I play this game at least 8 hours a day.not that im a loser.let me just go on ..the flaws in this game he didnt mention1.Good luck spitong qb sneaks 4 inchs2.based on all Offense hard to keep game under 20 points.3.Making prospects go to ur school (tough)eh4.Not being able to mute players!!!! (stupid)5.Cant get updates changing the bcs rankingsuck ass shit. i can tell you that more than half of the team arent even ranked

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