Vikings, Saints in dire need of victories

Due to playoff positioning, the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints are taking very different approaches with their Week 17 games Sunday.

The Saints – with home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoff clinched – are going to rest starters, including quarterback Drew Brees. New Orleans has lost two straight.

The Vikings have lost two straight and three of their last four. They will be playing all of their starters since they’re still playing for a first-round bye week in the playoffs.

Either way, both teams need to snap out of their funks. That’s why I’m a little surprised that the Saints are benching some of their key starters. Can they really afford to go into the playoffs on a three-game losing streak, then follow it up with no game in the first round? That’s like a month of ineffective football.

I understand why head coaches are so cautious. An injury to Brees or Colts QB Peyton Manning would send their fan bases into a frenzy.

But don’t the Saints need to avoid going a whole month without a victory?