The return of NBA Jam

Came across this story buried on the Star Tribune’s site today. Must have missed it yesterday. initially reported that an updated version of the popular 1990s video game "NBA Jam" will be developed for the Nintendo Wii system.

This really does bring back some memories. I just remember how great it was when you’d start making progress and unlocking characters like President Bill Clinton or the members of the Beastie Boys.

Hopefully, they pull it off. The one downside to playing sports games on the Wii like NBA Live, etc., is that after one 48-minute game of jumping and moving around, I get pretty worn out, which makes it tough to finish a full season in any reasonable time period. Of course, I could be in better shape too, but I’m guessing most people that video games appeal to aren’t in much better shape than I am.

But with NBA Jam, you’re dealing with a game that had 2-minute quarters (if I remember right) and really no season to speak of.

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