The Semantics Of Speculation

Potentially. Could. Suggests. Indicate.

These are the types of words used a lot when big sports stories start developing.

It’s interesting to watch the types of news that big media outlets will run with. Takes ESPN for example. The news outlets don’t get much bigger than ESPN.

With the news filtering in all weekend long that USC head coach Pete Carroll is going to return to the NFL as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, news outlets will go to great lengths to be the first to report on it.

I saw on ESPN’s "Bottom Line" scroll that appears at the bottom of the network’s screen that not only were sources indicating that Carroll would become the next coach of the Seahawks, but also that "potential replacements at USC could include" the likes of Jeff Fisher and a few other names which escape my memory.

Potential replacements could include? Who has decided these are the potential replacements when the job isn’t even open yet?

I suppose that’s the age we live in now. There’s more media now than could have been imagined just 10 years ago, especially when you include all of the bloggers and the way Twitter is utilized. ESPN is just trying to stay ahead of the game.

The game has changed, and the biggest of news outlets recognize that.

Maybe my memory fails me, but I doubt we would have seen ESPN report 10 years ago something like "potential replacements could include" on a job that really hasn’t been vacated yet.