Steroid Era In Question, But Redmond Era Officially Over, Plus A Radio Reminder

There’s no arguing that the end of Mike Redmond‘s tenure with the Minnesota Twins has come.

Redmond signed a one-year contract with the Cleveland Indians, so the Twins will see plenty of him.

I hate the term "clubhouse guy," mostly because it can be slapped on just about anybody, but it’s hard to discuss Redmond without saying he was widely acknowledged for being a clubhouse guy with the Twins. He wasn’t afraid to break the tension in the clubhouse, even if that meant occassionally running around naked just to loosen up the players.

And we’ll all miss his trademark opposite field base knocks.


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2 Responses

  1. Andy G.

    Redmond’s only value the last few years were his clubhouse walks. He’s pretty worthless. Sorry, admittedly I’ve got a lot of Redmond angst, his presence never made sense to me.

    With Morales out with a wrist injury here comes Drew (‘Lil Sal) Butera who can’t hit (neither could Redmond) but may actually throw base runners out. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

  2. Goethe

    Yeah, it didn’t make sense for the Twins to retain Redmond with Morales ready to go. Unfortuately for the Twins, though, this Morales injury creeped up.

    I agree about Butera. The guy isn’t projected to have a big league bat anyway, even if he’s not ready. If Morales misses the opener, just have Butera and his strong arm as a backup.

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