Gophers Bubble Is Bursting Fast

The University of Minnesota men’s basketball team is quickly slipping out of contention for an NCAA tournament berth.

The Gophers have lost four of five and are in dire need of a quality win.

Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News says the Gophers are on the wrong side of the tournament bubble. He says "a remarkable rally" is necessary for the Gophers to have a chance of making the field of 65.

And now Minnesota will have to finish the season without Al Nolen, whose appeal of a season-ending suspension was denied by the NCAA.

That leaves the Gophers with Devoe Joseph at the point. Joseph bears more than just a striking resemblence to former Twins outfielder Carlos Gomez (see below).

Both players are incredibly talented. And both players commit maddening mistakes.

The season is crumbling fast, and the Gophers need a quality victory. The upset of Butler early in the season is really all they have.

2 Responses

  1. AG360

    The Gophers also beat Ohio State, but when your third-best win is against Northwestern you’re probably in trouble.

  2. goethe

    That’s true, AG. They could make a run in the Big Ten tournament, but right now I don’t think they make it. Pretty disappointing for a team that returned so many players from last year.

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