Blue Is Gold On Super Bowl Sunday

I’m a believer in Peyton Manning. I bow to thee.

That’s why I’m taking the Indianapolis Colts. It has more to with the quarterback than it does with the fact that they haven’t lost a game all season in which they’ve tried to win.

That’s right. The Colts went 14-0, and much to my dismay, opted to rest starters rather than go for history. Indy then lost its next two games to finish the regular season 14-2, collecting the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

The Colts starters showed no rust in the playoffs, and because of it, they find themselves in striking distance for their second Super Bowl title in the last four years.

In Sunday’s Forum, I picked Colts 27, Saints 17. My brain tells me it will be a high-scoring game, but my gut tells me these games often don’t go the way you would think.

Regardless, it will be a fun game to watch. I’m a big fan of Manning’s, but I’m also a big fan of cheering for teams that have never won titles. I know a lot of people are tired of hearing how much the Saints mean to New Orleans. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it would be cool to watch a community react to its first major sports title ever (assuming the New Orleans Jazz never won one in the NBA before moving to Utah).

The best Super Bowls are the ones where both teams are well-liked and a favorite can’t be picked. That’s what I’m looking forward to on Sunday.