The Power Of Facial Hair

Did mustaches help the 1991 Minnesota Twins win the World Series?

Probably not. But a blog from someone called The Common Man – not the one from KFAN – takes a look at the best mustaches of the modern era. He also points out how many mustached mashers the Twins had in 1991.

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Today, we’re expecting to have Olympic skater Mark Ladwig of Moorhead on the show for the first segment. He said he has an interview with The Today Show prior to our show, but we hope to have him on right away.

If I have any other updates for today’s show, I’ll post them here, so check back throughout the day if you’re curious what else we’ll be talking about.

UPDATE, 12:24 p.m.: We’ll be going heavy with Olympics. AP sports columnist Tim Dahlberg penned an interesting piece that ran in Wednesday’s edition of The Forum. Also, we’ll touch on women’s hockey, too. One columnist in the state of Washington wonders if the blowouts are good for the Games.

We’ll talk a little bit about the situation at Red River Valley Speedway, too.

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