Don’t Blame Media. Blame Tiger.

I was listening to our "Sports Talk" radio show while out running errands today.

An e-mailer wrote to the show saying that he/she and other fans were tired of hearing about the saga surrounding Tiger Woods and really didn’t care about his personal life.

I can’t argue with that. And I know a lot of people want those in the press to get over it.

But after Woods held his much anticipated press conference – which his agent says wasn’t a press conference at all – on Friday, he invited the attention upon himself.

Does the media get stuff wrong occassionally? Yes. Does the media in my opinion sensationalize stories from time to time? Yes. Of course those things happen.

But prior to the announcement of a Friday gathering with the media, when was the last time any of us heard anything about Woods? Unless you’re a regular TMZ follower, you probably haven’t heard anything for a couple months.

The reason the attention is back is because of Woods himself. Nobody made him hold a media gathering Friday and have it televised across the ESPN family of networks. He could have just easily said on his Web site how sorry he was and that he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

I’m just surprised how many people have comes to his defense. Woods said himself that he was to blame for his previous transgressions. Well, he’s also to blame for the fact that this story is news again.