Miller’s Effort Puts Canada In Tough Spot

Even with the USA men’s hockey team up 2-1 in Sunday’s preliminary round game against Canada, I thought there was no way the Americans could hold on.

USA goalie Ryan Miller was getting peppered in net, turning away shot after shot.

It was quite a performance by the Buffalo Sabres goalie, who finished with 42 saves as the USA beat Canada 5-3.

The Canadians now face a tougher road to reach a gold-medal final. Meanwhile, for the USA, it was the first win against Canada in 50 years.

The USA gets an automatic berth in the quarterfinals, having swept its three games during pool play.

It’s hard to overstate how well Miller played. The U.S. was outshot 45-22 by the heavily favored Canadians.

I really haven’t watched much of the Winter Olympics this year because I work a lot of nights, except for the occasional late-night curling match. But it was a lot of fun to watch Sunday’s game.

The U.S. will have to do a better job keeping the puck out of its own zone. I mean, what can you really expect from Miller for an encore next time out? He withstood the pressure Sunday, and because of it, the Americans scored a big upset.

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  1. bisonaudit

    Great game from Miller last night. I don’t understand this tournament though. They apparently seeded the 12 teams into three pools based on some world rankings. Then they played 18 games and eliminated zero teams. 18 games to reseed teams that you’ve already seeded? 4 games for everyone? Are they going to forego the medal presentation and give everyone participation ribbons?

    half carworn

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