Gardenhire In Midseason Form

There can’t be too many managers in baseball who loves busting their players’ chops more than Minnesota Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire.

Found a pretty funny story on Yahoo’s baseball blog about Gardenhire and first baseman Justin Morneau exchanging text messages after the U.S. upset Canada in men’s hockey on Sunday night.

Morneau really sounds like he’s taking it hard. Some of the text message was not printable, apparently.

If you scroll down toward the end of this story, you’ll find Gardenhire and outfielder Delmon Young sharing a laugh, which is always good to see.

This is the kind of news that comes out spring training.

Young reported to camp about 30 pounds lighter than he was last year. After Gardy chided him about it, he said he lost the weight because starting pitcher Carl Pavano was back on the team, so he’d need to be able to chase down those warning-track fly balls.

Gardy approved of the joke. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind seeing Young come out of his shell this year, both in the clubhouse and on the field.

Finally,if you scroll toward the bottom of this story, there’s a short write-up on new Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy.

I was kind of confused about the line that said fans should expect Gardy to eventually bench Hardy, but if you look at the comments, the writer explains he was just making a joke because unlike Nick Punto and Jason Bartlett (the Twins version of Bartlett), Hardy’s value isn’t 90 percent dependent on his defense.

I guess it’s too early in the morning for jokes like that for me today.