Canada Squad Takes Party To The Ice

Finally, fans of the Olympics got a women’s hockey game worth watching.

Unfortunately, the behavior afterwards was jaw-dropping.

Canada defeated the USA in the gold-medal game of women’s hockey Thursday 2-0. Canada’s goalie played a great game, just a tad better than the USA netminder.

About an hour after the game was when things really got interesting.

Canada players returned to the ice drinking beer and champagne and smoking cigars. One report said a Canada player tried to drive the Zamboni around the ice while her teammates were getting their pictures taken with bottles of champagne and beer in their hands.

Steve Keough, a spokesman for the Canadian Olympic Committee, told the Associated Press that the COC didn’t provide the booze. He said of the party: "In terms of the actual celebration, it’s not exactly something uncommon in Canada."

Maybe it’s not. I guess it’s just not something I’m used to seeing. You don’t see Kim Yu-Na pounding beers after winning a figure skating competition. I’m not naive enough to think college-aged hockey players don’t get together and drink after games, but to do it at center ice on an Olympic rink is quite another matter.

And apparently it wasn’t just players that were taking pictures of each other. The Associated Press had a photographer there as well. Take a look at these shots.

The IOC is investigating.

Canada Haley Irwin, left, and Tessa Bonhomme, right, celebrate after Canada beat USA 2-0 to win the women’s gold medal ice hockey game at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia on Thursday. Associated Press

Canada’s Meghan Agosta smokes a cigar after Canada beat USA 2-0 to win the women’s gold medal ice hockey game at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Thursday. Associated Press

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  1. ticklethetwine

    I congratulate team Canada on their win but this is disgusting to do this on ice at the Olympic forum. These women look like a bunch of drunk college guys and apparently this stuff happens all the time in Canada. The only question the Canadian womens team are going to get from local press are why are you drinking American beer.

    Kind of leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. No pun intended.

  2. guy

    Who Cares!! They won gold they can celebrate all they want. Surprised the drunks up North ( i mean Sioux) haven’t done this already.

  3. LAS

    That didn’t take long to turn this into an anti-Sioux thread. Nice job guys, I had my money on 3 posts and you guys did it in 2.

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