Reviewing The Marriage Ref

I want to start out by saying I’m a huge "Seinfeld" fan and a huge fan of the other Larry David show "Curb Your Enthusiasm." They are my two favorite TV shows of all-time. Bar none.

So even though I hardly watch anything on TV these days, my interest was peeked when I heard Jerry Seinfeld was going to have another show called "The Marriage Ref," which would premiere right after The Olympics closing ceremonies Sunday.

The show’s premise was to have celebrities critiquing arguments made by real-life married people. Yeah, not exactly something that excites the Seinfeld fan within me, but it’s Seinfeld. If Will Ferrell makes a movie that gets terrible reviews from your friends, a Will Ferrell fan will still go watch it, because it’s Will Ferrell. Same deal.

I watched about as much of it as I could handle last night. Just not my thing. Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated agrees in his review.

My problem with the show is it focuses around something that’s just not funny at all. In real life, nobody wants to be around a married couple when they’re arguing. It’s uncomfortable. Why would I want to watch that on TV? 

The comments made by the celebrities are kind of funny, enough so to make you appreciate their abilities as comedians. But in the end, the show’s about something I’d rather not see any more of in my life than I already do.

So I apologize to Seinfeld. Gave you the benefit of the doubt, despite a premise I didn’t think I would be into anyway. I’m not saying it’s a bad show. It’s just not a show for me.

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