Slowey Pitching Like Wrist Surgery Is Behind Him

Kevin Slowey and the rest of the Minnesota Twins starting pitchers have had big spring trainings so far. And that’s encouraging news from a group that had a lot of ups and downs in 2009.

Slowey, in particular, has been encouraging. He’s allowed just one run in 16 innings this spring, allowing just eight hits and striking out 15.

About a month ago, I wasn’t sure what to make of Slowey. He missed a good chunk of last season with injury, and as recently as four weeks ago said this:


"You always project yourself to be where you want to be," Slowey said. "I don’t know that I’m going to ever feel the same like I did before. But that’s OK. You know, I’ve got two screws in my wrist. So I shouldn’t expect to feel like I felt before.’

That’s not exactly the kind of statement that makes me optimistic about him going forward. However, after tossing five shutout innings yesterday in a win against Florida, he said this:

"I don’t even think about my wrist anymore. There’s no concern at all."

If that last quote from him is true of how he feels, that might be the most encouraging part of Slowey’s spring.