McNabb Or Favre? Who Do You Want?

Donovan McNabb likes Philadelphia. But if the Eagles quarterback is traded anywhere, he would prefer it to be to the Minnesota Vikings.

That’s the story Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote for Saturday’s editions.

The Vikings face the "Brett Favre dilemma" though. As the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets before them have seen, the Favre "will he return or won’t he" offseason makes it difficult to proceed in any sort of McNabb negotiations.

Complicating things even further for the Vikings is that Favre had such a great season last year, one of the best seasons of his NFL career.

My guess is that the Vikings already have some idea whether or not Favre is coming back to play another season. They understand that Favre doesn’t want to take part in training camp, but I bet the Vikings have a pretty good idea which way he’s leaning.

Would you rather have McNabb or Favre? If you ask me, I’d rather have Favre. He won’t cost a team draft picks and a contract extension to get him. Plus, he had a great year with the Vikings last season, other than that interception in the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game.

Favre’s already proven he’s a good fit for the Vikings’ personnel. I like McNabb and have no doubt he would do just fine too. But I think Favre makes more sense.