Gardy May Not Like It, But Sending Ramos Down Was Right Decision

It’s a pretty common occurence as spring training winds down to see a manager and front office discuss the right direction for certain players. A manager usually has his team’s upcoming season on his mind, while the front office is looking ahead as to what’s best for the player’s long-term development.

And that is what sounds like what happened between Twins manager Ron Gardenhire and the team’s management over the decision to send catcher Wilson Ramos back to the minor leagues.

Ramos is a highly touted prospect who has little experience above Single-A, but he tore the cover off the ball this spring. Gardy was impressed with the youngster, as he should be.

But it was decided Wednesday that the Twins would carry Drew Butera as the backup catcher, and I think that makes the most sense.

Let’s face it: A backup catcher on the Twins just isn’t going to play that much. All-world catcher Joe Mauer will have his DH days, but the difference in impact that two rookie catchers will make in the first month of the season won’t be that significant.

And with a relatively healthy roster of position players, I don’t expect Mauer to get a ton of DH days from the get-go. After all, Jason Kubel is the everyday DH, and the Twins still plan to work Jim Thome into the lineup on a semi-regular basis.

Plus, Jose Morales won’t be on the disabled list for long, and it’s widely believed he will end up as Mauer’s backup when it’s all said and done.

So was it worth starting Ramos’ arbitration clock so he could spend a month on a big league bench? I don’t think so.

To wrap it up, FanGraphs is doing a rundown of each major league organization in reverse order of their ranking. The Twins are ranked No. 5, and there are a few stories. Here’s a lead-in, followed by evaluation of current talent, and an evaluation of future talent. It’s well-written, of course, because it’s FanGraphs.

3 Responses

  1. Jason

    It was the right decision. Ramos looks like he will be a great player, a type that should not sit on the bench. This also gives Butera the proverbial cup of coffee in the Majors, since I doubt he will see much time in the big leagues.

    Now, if Mauer was to go on the DL for any amount of time, then moving Ramos up to the club would be a wise decision. Until then, playing backup to an All-Star catcher isn’t something Ramos should be doing.

  2. SD

    They had better get somebody in place to take over for Mauer. What does he have? Two or maybe 3 years of being a catcher left? He’s too tall to stay there for much longer before the injuries start. Dont know what other position he would play tho.

  3. LAS

    The back-up catcher to an American League lineup is what the pitcher is to a National League batting lineup. The manager by using the backup catcher is almost conceding an 0-4 day at the plate for solid defense and most importantly giving the main catcher a day off. Twins fans have been blessed over the years watching Redmond play as he seems somewhat capable of handling a bat and providing a clutch hit here and there.

    Ramos does not fit the mold of a back-up catcher. He is too valuable and talented to sit on the bench and play on every getaway day. He has so much potential and by playing everyday in the minors he can develop into the next home grown Twins All Star. Undoubtedly the right call by Gardy and the organization.

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