Ramos Gets His Chance In Bigs Today

I’m not sure how long it will last, but Minnesota Twins super-prospect Wilson Ramos has been called up and will start today’s game against Cleveland.

The Twins needed another catcher with Joe Mauer nursing a bruised heel that’s expected to keep him out until at least Monday.

If for no other reason, I’m really looking forward to seeing the youngster play in a meaningful big league game. He looked great in spring training, and rumors are a lot of teams would love to acquire him.

Whether or not he can find a home at the big leagues with Mauer in front of him or not doesn’t matter. Either way, he’s a valuable commodity to have. Young catchers who can defend and swing the bat are tough to find. Now, let’s see if he can do that in the majors.

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3 Responses

  1. Andy G.

    While today’s game IS a small sample size Ramos may be worth the hype. Hopefully Drew Butera enjoyed his cup of coffee. This may be his only chance to enjoy the bigs.

  2. Tim

    So now the debate begins. Do the Twins keep both Ramos and Mauer? With other 1st basemen like Ryan Howard and Mark Texiera inking mega contracts, Morneau is all but gone after his contract is up so do the Twins keep Ramos around to move him or Mauer to 1B in 3 years? Do the Twins shop Ramos at the deadline to get a top flight arm to help them this year? Your move, Billy Smith.

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