Ramos Fever In Full Swing

If you’re a Minnesota Twins rookie about to make his major league debut, you can’t do much better than by matching a feat accomplished only by the one and only Kirby Puckett.

That’s just what Wilson Ramos did on Sunday. In his big league debut, Ramos collected four hits in a victory against Cleveland. Ramos, replacing the injured Joe Mauer, became the first catcher in major league history to get at least four hits in his first-ever game. He joins Puckett as the only Twins at any position to accomplish the feat.

Gaudy numbers for sure. And with those numbers comes the inevitable, "What are the Twins going to do with Ramos and Mauer?"

Early in spring training when Joe Nathan went down, I suggested trading Ramos to try and get a bona fide closer. But Ramos absolutely raked in spring training after doing so in winter ball, and I did a 180. I decided, "Let’s wait and see how this kid does."

I still feel that way now. It was great to see the game he had Sunday, but I’m going to reserve judgment. And why not? Mauer is now said to be week-to-week now with his injury, so let’s see how Ramos does as a semi-everyday player first.

I know there’s a tendency to jump to conclusions, and as someone who blogs regularly, I’m guilty as charged on that account. Heck, if I didn’t jump to conclusions, what would I have to write about? 

But at this point in the year, it’s hard to believe the Twins will be able to make any big trades, at least not until July. Trades like that can be made in spring training, but they rarely get made in the first half of the season. So I’m just going to see how Ramos does tonight, and the next night?

Ramos’ debut was very encouraging for Twins fans. But I’ve already talked myself into circles once with the Ramos debate. I’m reluctant to do it again.

Here’s the take from FanGraphs on the Ramos call-up.

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  1. J

    How about this? Trade Cuddyer after the season, move Delmon to RF (where he is most comfortable), start Kubel in LF, and have Ramos and Thome share the DH spot. Ramos will get to play 4-5 games a week while still being the backup to Mauer. The only downside is the Twins would have to carry 3 catchers, which I don’t think Gardy wants to do.

    And for those who say they should trade Delmon instead of Cuddyer, Cuddyer is much older, makes a lot more, and has more trade value. I love Cuddyer, but the Twins have too many big contracts and will need to move one of them. If Nathan hadn’t gotten hurt, I would’ve mentioned him, but his trade value will be much lower that it would’ve been.

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