Ghost of Lottery Past visits Wolves again

The face of the Minnesota Timberwolves at the NBA draft lottery has changed at various times during franchise history. But the results remain the same.

This time, team president David Kahn had to watch as the Wolves – slotted 2nd entering Tuesday’s lottery – fell to fourth. It marks the seventh time in 13 tries that the Wolves have fallen below their slot. They have never improved their position.

I kept saying prior to the lottery that if the Wolves could simply hold their position, they would be OK. I mean, how could you go wrong with John Wall or Evan Turner? But the ping-pong balls didn’t bounce their way once again.

So now what? The Wolves still have three first-round picks, so they are in good shape to move up if they wanted. Or they can remain at fourth and draft DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky or Wesley Johnson from Syracuse.

Either way, a franchise that hasn’t done much to help themselves over the last decade didn’t get much help thrown their way again.