Morales Pulls A Gramatica

The best you can put it is that Los Angeles Angels slugger Kendry Morales went out with a bang.

Morales hit a walk-off grand slam Saturday, then broke his leg celebrating in one of those mosh-pit type settings at home plate. He might miss the rest of the season as the team determines whether or not he needs to have surgery.

This is a big blow to the Angels, who watched Torii Hunter leave the game due to injury earlier in that game after getting beaned.

It was only a matter of time before someone got seriously injured in one of those walk-off celebrations. Twins fans might remember Denny Hocking injuring his hand and missing the American League Championship Series in 2002 after the Twins won the ALDS against the Oakland Athletics in a celebration.

But losing Hocking is one thing. Losing your heart-of-the-order slugging first baseman for many, many months is quite another.

I doubt things will change. Kickers are probably a little more subdued in their celebrations after Arizona Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica derailed his career celebrating a field goal a few years ago.

It’s obviously not a good idea for large men to be jumping all over each other like that. When Prince Fielder celebrated that homer with his teammates falling over like a bomb had gone off at home plate, that was far less dangerous.

Maybe choreographed celebrations are better for sports. They’re certainly better for the health of athletes.