Punto, Cuddyer Team Up To Put Cuddy At Second Base

Michael Cuddyer found himself at a familiar position Monday night – second base.

Cuddyer started at second base for the first time since 2005. According to Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Cuddyer and infielder Nick Punto came up with the idea to have Cuddyer play second on Monday, with fellow infielders Orlando Hudson and Alexi Casilla both nursing injuries.

One of them approached manager Ron Gardenhire about it, and Gardy said he was thinking the same thing.

So, if you’re Brendan Harris, how do you feel about your teammates and manager hatching a scheme to keep you out of the starting lineup?

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  1. Jason

    I thought that was strange, too, but once I read more into it, it seemed to make more sense. With the bench already short since Hudson is out and Alexi Casilla limited, there wasn’t much more the team could do on short notice as they would ultimately need Harris to fill a utility role if needed.

    It will be interesting to see what happens tonight when Matt Tolbert is brought in to the picture with Casilla going on the DL. All things considered, Cuddyer seemed to perform well at second last night. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him there again tonight.

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