How Low Can The Big 12 Go?

With news Thursday that Colorado is going to the Pac-10 and Nebraska is likely headed to the Big Ten, what’s next for the rest of the Big 12?

College athletics – most notably football – is likely headed for wide-sweeping changes. And according to one ESPN report, if Nebraska goes, then the Big 12 dissolves.

That report has Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State joining Colorado as newcomes to the Pac-10, with Kansas, Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State and Missouri being left to fend for themselves.

I realize college athletics is governed by the almight dollar, and the almighty dollar is generated moreso from football than by anything else.

But I’m surprised the Big Ten isn’t clamoring to get Kansas in its conference. The Jayhawks aren’t bad in football, and what a basketball program that would be to add. It would be a coup for the Big Ten to get Nebraska and Kansas.

I have a feeling we’ll find out a lot more Friday. Nebraska is expected to make a decision.

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  1. wolfgf

    While Kansas would be attractive, I hope they don’t go “south” any further than Nebraska. The Big Ten has been all Great Lakes states up to now…including Penn State. I would hate for them to lose some of that character.

  2. LAS

    According to Myron Metcalf of the Strib, rumors were circulating that Texas and Texas A&M are trying hard to get into the Big 10 and Oklahoma was trying to get into the SEC. Conference geography goes out the door if that happens. Kansas would may as well join the Big East.

  3. LAS

    ESPN just reported Boise St. to the MWC. The same article said that the WAC has their eyes on 5-6 FCS teams. Let the madness begin!

  4. andy g

    An Aggie I work with here in Chitown states that most of the alums want to go SEC not PAC10…that is actually a desire of the legistlature, who want all TX schools to go (Baylor will never get accepted and is a better fit for the WAC with SMU)
    Big 10 has no desire for KS, K-St, I-St, or surprisingly Mizzou…this is a football driven move and I think the Irish down in South Bend are gonna feel some pressure.
    Mountain West is eyeballing the BCS slot and a marraige of the MWC and Remnants of B12 would make for a strong High Plains Drifters League. Very strong in BB and not too bad in FB. Either the MWC will grab survivors of B12 or in a surprise move…B12 survivors (Kansas, Mizzou, Baylor, K-St, Ia St, Tx Tech, grab BYU, AFA, and woo Houston back…)OK ST & T A&M go to SEC (better fit)
    There are some cold feet in Stillwater and Lubbock it appears. PAC 10 has a terrible TV agreement.

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