Crazy USA Soccer Game Followed By Crazier Wimbledon Match

I figured a future "30 for 30" ESPN documentary would be developed for June 23, 2010, the way this day had started.

The United States’ soccer victory against Algeria with a winning goal in stoppage time marked the first time the USA had won its group at the World Cup since 1930. And without that goal in the final minutes, the USA doesn’t even advance from its group.

Landon Donovan‘s shot into the back of the net off a rebound saved FIFA a lot of headaches after the U.S. had another goal disallowed by a referee’s call. This particular call was hardly as egregious as the one made in the USA’s tie against Slovenia last time out, but still could have proven costly.

The Americans will face Ghana at 1:30 p.m. Saturday as knockout play at the World Cup begins.

But without question, the craziest event to take place in the world of sports started around the same time as the USA’s morning game against Algeria, but took about four or five hours longer. And that’s only counting Wednesday’s play.

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut started their first-round Wimbledon match Tuesday before darkness postponed the remainder of it until Wednesday. But as Wednesday came and went, there was still no winner.

The match is in a fifth set, and that set is tied 59-59! Many records have fallen. Both players passed the previous record for aces in a match. The 118-game set is a record. The 10 hours combined play between Tuesday and Wednesday is a record.

Both players looked gassed as play wound down Wednesday, in particular Isner. But he was the one when the postponement was announced Wednesday that looked upset by the decision after Mahut complained he could no longer see the ball.

Quite the crazy day.

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  1. Schlossman

    I was thinking the same thing about the ESPN 30 for 30. All we needed was for Lawrence Taylor to find a white SUV and start driving!

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